Cause and Effect Essay: How to write, Topics, Tips

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

Giving students a task to write a cause and effect essay teacher checks their knowledge on topic and skills in writing such kind of text. It is very comfortable for teachers to check student’s knowledge in such a way. This type of essay helps teachers analyze pupil’s skills in writing. 

In the studied problems of humanitarian subjects or economics there are no unambiguously “right” or “wrong” answers to questions, as it happens, for example, in physics or mathematics, but only more or less reasoned points of view.  When advancing one’s own position, the focus is on the author’s ability to critically and independently evaluate the range of data and the points of view of others, the ability to understand the essence of the problems and issues being investigated, to establish a connection between the key points of any problems, to use an analytical approach to their consideration, skill differentiate and rank.

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Cause and effect is a connection between historical events (processes, phenomenon), in which one event (process, phenomenon), called a cause, in the presence of certain historical conditions, generates another event (process, phenomenon), called a consequence.

Any essay, regardless of the subject, teaches you to think critically, to reason on complex and controversial issues, to characterize phenomena. 

Such a creative task helps the examiners understand how well the student knows the subject, whether they are able to organize and analyze the material, whether students can write a decent cause and effect essay conclusion.

Thus, the teachers want to see how the student shows the link between two historical events—the connection between the event-cause and event-effect.

Every professional essay writer knows that cause and effect relationships are extremely important. Some events cause others. It is important to be able to see at what moment the given situation/phenomenon/process happens, for what reason, and to tell your readers all the discovered features in an understandable way. This is a serious mental activity.

When writing, you need to take into account the chronology and other aspects that relate to the chosen topic. A clear, logical diagram will form in your head, and you will be able to connect one with the other.

A great way of preparing such a type of work is by completing it in cooperation with the best online essay writer. By dealing with an expert, you’ll be able to avoid common mistakes like:

  • erroneous identification of primary and secondary causes;
  • describing the fact instead of revealing the reason;
  • descriptions of a fact without establishing a cause and effect relationship.

Usually, this type of essay is written for history teachers. Thus, be careful, because facts can be historical and scientific-historical. The difference is that the first ones are objective, fixed in time and space. The second option is the opinions of scientists on any event, a conclusion based on a real source.

When starting the selection of factual material, do not just describe the events, albeit real ones, but try to choose the most important information. 

At the same time, the event-consequence must be within the framework of the period for which the essay is being written. The connection between cause and effect should not be beyond the upper or the lower border of the period. It must relate specifically to the given period.

For an event (phenomenon, process) that occurred within a given time frame, it is necessary to select those events (phenomenon, processes) from the past that caused it.

Luckily with the help of a decent last-minute essay writer, you can work out the next aspects of the essay:

  • number of events indicated in the selected time interval;
  • number of individuals mentioned, to what extent their role was revealed;
  • how many causal relationships have been disclosed;
  • to what extent the period is estimated;
  • whether scientific terminology was used in the text and how;
  • presence of factual errors in the text;
  • whether the presentation is correct.

How to Write Cause and Effect Essay Outline?

The outline is a necessary thing before creating an essay. It helps to collect all thoughts together and determine what to say about. 

How to organize an outline? Easy!

Make an outline according to the classic template: 


Body paragraph I

Body paragraph II

Body paragraph III


How to write a Cause and Effect Essay Introduction

Introduction sets the tone, informs the audience about what will be discussed, and also gives impressions.  After reading a good introduction, the teacher will not automatically give you a bad grade. The introduction should briefly talk about the importance of the chosen topic and general information on your topic.

After the introduction, there should be a thesis which clearly explains position regarding the chosen topic. 

Now, you can see example: “There are many interesting and new cosmetic products that can change the appearance for the better. Many modern people use them with enviable regularity. We will discuss why people use skin whitening preparations. Further, I will analyze causes of cosmetic effects. “

How to write body paragraphs

In the body, you tell everything you know from the selected theme. You must write 2 causes and 2 consequences and also show the relationships and interdependence between them.

Now, you can see example: “There are certain psychological and aesthetic reasons for using special whitening products. People with dark skin may not like the way they look on the photo and in the mirror. In addition, due to psychological disorders, they can constantly go to cosmetologists in the hope of correcting the congenital skin color without caring about the negative reaction of doctors who know that this is not harmless.”

Now, you can see example: “As for the consequences, people can get a very unexpected and not always positive result of the whitening operation. The skin may suffer as a result of improper bleaching performed by the cosmetologist. The patient may experience a side effect in the form of a general deterioration in health.”

How to write a cause and effect essay conclusion

Congratulations! All the hard work has passed, now you are at the finish line and this finish line is the conclusion. 

The conclusion must tie all necessary information from your essay together. 

A perfect conclusion takes into account the following:

  • Confirmation of all thoughts mentioned in the content
  • Rephrase of key phrases
  • A summary of the highlights that you presented in the content.
  • A proposal that draws a total conclusion from all of the above, and also displays your final position

In conclusion, you must summarize everything that was written in the content. 

Now, you can see example: “Our psychology is designed so that we notice only our own flaws in appearance, in skin color, however, as a result of operations to lighten it, we may encounter certain medical or dermatological complications. In the future, people can cope with such a problem if they begin to solve it – they will think about a psychological examination of those particularly dissatisfied with their appearance.”

Cause and effect topics

Choosing a well-known topic will greatly affect the grade for your content.

Now, you can see the most favorite topics which are used by teachers all over the world:

  • “Human and society”: Problems of loneliness and solitude in the city
  • Why does a person often become a source of misfortune for other people? 
  • “Whoever says that it’s not scary in war knows nothing about the war”
  • What events and impressions of life help a person to grow up?
  • What prevents a person from achieving harmony with nature?
  • Is nature capable of educating a person?
  • Is maintaining of intergenerational communication necessary for people?
  • Why is the theme of “fathers and children” often present in many works of literature?
  • Is a person absolutely free?
  • How many senses life has?
  • Is altruism the result of natural selection?
  • Is psychoanalysis a scientific theory?
  • Can a person control his unconscious processes?
  • What is more important:love or money? 
  • Is nature necessary for human life? 
  • Can human evolve in another creature? 
  • Can people live without money? 
  • Can human destroy Earth due to industry? 
  • Is education necessary for digital children? 
  • Сan whole humanity became vegetarian? 
  • Can the whole humanity relocate on other planet? 
  • Internet: what impact does it have on humanity?
  • What clothes are better in the summer: shorts or jeans?
  • Is politics evil or good?
  • The impact of politics on humanity. 
  • What is better:die in 30 years or in 80?
  • Best singers are from poor families. 
  • Is the USA the best country for living? 
  • Can humanity live without oil? 
  • Is Internet necessary for successful life? 

Cause and effect essay format

The form is necessary component of any content. Form determines ability to select the most necessary things, to show thoughts in the correct sequence and to use conclusions at the right time. 

After selecting an item from a topic, look for causes and effects. Then you need to decide how and where to place them.

You should smoothly move from one part of the text to another without interruptions, otherwise you will not get an excellent mark.


Creating an essay isn’t a tricky business. Now, we will give you tips that will be assistance in creating essay correctly and quickly. 

  • You must remember the necessary object that you describe, so as not to get lost and not to start saying about something else that not concern the topic at all.
  • Select the goal for yourself to inform the audience or to prove your point of view to them. This helps a lot because it gives right direction thanks to which you will create necessary content.
  • Use statistics or strong evidence. It is necessary to perform readers some researches of your theme. 

Сreating a cause and effect essay is an easy process that requires only knowledge of the topic and formatting. Creating an essay can take no much time if you know all the nuances of this type of writing. 

Try to create your essay following our article and you will discover that writing is an easy thing. Choose the theme that you know in-depth, create an outline, take all thoughts together and write an introduction, body and conclusion. Hopefully, our guide will help you create a well-written and elaborated essay.